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Australia’s speed and performance mentoring.

Olympic, World and Commonwealth medalist JOHN STEFFENSEN has combined 17 years of experience in professional sport from around the world, creating a professional high performance speed agility training program. Sharing his knowledge and experience from training and competing with the worlds best, ready to give to those that want to become the best.

JS has proudly represented Australia in:

3 Olympic Games

5 World Championships

3 Commonwealth Games

Making You FASTER

JUST SPRINT is focused on driven, committed and passionate athletes and professionals.

Lead by Olympic, World and Commonwealth medallist  John Steffensen. JUST SPRINT Focuses on developing your sprinting biomechanics and speed endurance, allowing you to achieve better power and strength when trying to sprint.



When chasing the highest level of experience, a deep level of caring coaching, if you are seeking the elite, if you expect the best of yourself…then JUST SPRINT is your home.

At JUST SPRINT we treat your goals as though it’s our own. Our commitment to excellence extends to everything we do, from the way we break down your speed biomechanics, to the way we educate and drive you to reach your personal best.


Average is not in our vocabulary. No two athletes are the same and as such we go over and above to ensure that workouts are tailored to your goals. We take the time to learn about you, creating strategic programs designed for you to achieve your goals.

Make no mistake, when we say we work hard, we mean it, guaranteeing that an opportunity to improve is never overlooked.


Currently consulting to Australia’s Athletics governing peak body (Athletics Australia) JOHN STEFFENSEN and JUST SPRINT have developed meaningful relationships with the World and Australian sporting community.

JOHN STEFFENSEN has trained and competed all around the world with the likes of Usain Bolt, Maurice Green, Asafa Powell, Barry Bonds, Linford Christie, Christian Malcolm etc. Gaining elite knowledge on how to best coach each person towards their goals.

We also have close working relationships with a host of celebrities, media outlets and sports personalities in NRL, AFL, EPL and most importantly the world’s most recognisable sprinters. No matter what you want to achieve when it comes to speed, we will leverage our insider knowledge and contacts to ensure your goal is not only top of mind but ­also the end accomplishment.



JUST SPRINT attention to quality from the choice of training equipment and locations, right down to the uniform is a reflection of the unrelenting standards we live and work by.

Excellence, perseverance, hard work, resilience and happiness.

JUST SPRINT is a professional high end must do speed program for focused, performance conscious individuals, who know where to find the latest, must-have speed agility and performance education.

1 on 1 Private and Group coaching

The 1 to 1 session with John Steffensen is an in-depth analysis of your overall technique and body condition. The experience of a 1 to 1 training session allows John to have a more personalised detailed approach for faster changes and improvements. In a typical training session John can improve your speed and power and in turn improve your overall sporting performance. Young and old are often surprised at their rate of improvement.

One on one Session outlook Example

Warm up: Often the most overlooked part of running faster. Warming up efficiently prepares the athlete mentally and physically for the session ahead.

Running technique: By learning how to run correctly makes the athlete more efficient and faster immediately as a result.

Speed strength: By setting out specific workouts based on each persons goals, allows you to become stronger in the unnatural movement of sprinting. Over time you develop strength with correct mechanics which aids your development in becoming faster. All these improvements makes the mind, and every muscle in your body ready to support the speed.

Power: By increasing power, you improve your explosiveness from a starting position as well as improve your vertical power and foot speed.

Body Functionality: Body functionality increases balance, coordination, stability and minimizes the chances of soft tissue injuries.

Avg. session: 45mins - 1 hour

Location: Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Group Conditioning Classes:

Designed to help develop your speed, speed endurance, power and agility fitness and conditioning. Sessions will be done in groups focusing on pushing one another’s conditioning and conquering world class workouts designed by JOHN STEFFENSEN.

Avg session: 45min/ 1hour

Location: Sydney eastern suburbs

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